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Need advise on dealing with an incorrect FEMA forex online trading violation warning

This morning I got a notification from Citibank (where I have my salary account) saying that there is a FEMA forex online trading violation on my account and that my account will be closed unless I provide them an undertaking not to use my account for such illegal purposes.
The notification mentions the name of the recipient in the flagged transaction. A few months back, I had done currency exchange from INR to SGD for my personal trip to Singapore through an authorized, domestic-only, RBI approved currency exchange company called iForex. Unfortunately there is an online forex trading company with the same name and according to the folks at the iForex where I did the exchange, this is the issue.
So how do I deal with this incorrect warning? I do have a proper receipt with all the details of the iForex where I did the exchange. When I talked to the Citibank customer care, they didn't have any details apart from the information that they have sent me a notification for the violation. So they have escalated this issue to the backend team which flagged the transaction and will provide me the details of the transaction in 2 working days.
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A Biased View of Is This Company a Forex-Trading Pyramid ...

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